Sunday, March 13, 2016

2016-03-10 And Add in One More Week at the MTC

we're actually not going this week. we were going to leave on the 15th, originally.  then it was the 8th.  then it was the 14th again.  as of last friday, it's the 21ST.  the romans are still leaving on the 14th - and also they get to be called Romans how cool is that - but because of someone's visa or something, we have to wait an extra week.  we have it confirmed that that's OFFICIAL finally but, it means i'll be in the MTC for another two weeks almost and 7 weeks in total.  that's almost 2 months and almost 1/9 of my mission.  that was hard to stomach but then we realized we get to welcome the new italian missionaries which we wouldn't be able to do normally and we can repasse our language.  i'll let you and mom know next week what our flight plans are.  

so this is kind of weak spiritual experience cuz others of you have probably heard it but it really impacted me, so.  i do ward choir with my whole branch!  at first i was like: lame!  cuz literally 1/4 of the MTC does it so it didn't feel special but what makes it fun is the director, he's an institute teacher and i think he works with motab, i'm not really sure, but every practice twice a week is a spiritual story, or two, and tbh they're some of the most spiritual messages i've had here.  anyways, he was telling us about his daugher who's on a mission and she said it's hard to share the gospel!  and he was like, yeah it is hard! it's awkward and what if they say know.  but then he started to think about it more and i wish i had a recording cuz the way he siad it was perfect but he was like, "why is sharing the gospel hard?  what you have is more precious than gold.  if you were leprechauning around, handing out gold, would you be knocking on people's doors then getting like, 'oh no, sorry, i just have this gold and sorry, idk like, do you want it?'  why would you be embarrassed to offer that? what you have is more precious than gold."

lots of other stuff has happened this week like when this devotional speaker said this, or when i realized this about my testimony, or when i received this revelation, or when this person helped me or when i helped this person, or when this scripture stuck out to me, but that's just one.  i love being at the mtc but can't wait to get to Italy (we saw pictures from our teacher yestserday - mama mia)

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