Friday, April 15, 2016

2016-04-13 Investigator Elena

So we have an investigator and her name is Elena. Her son and his wife are both members of the church, and Elena has been investigating the church for 3 years. So her son and his wife gave us a ride home after ward council and he asked us when the last time was that we invited her to be baptized. Well, it was like a month ago. And he told us he thinks she's ready. Well we think the same thing! So we felt really impressed to talk about temples. Like, nothing else seemed right. And we wanted to show her that there's more after baptism. So we taught her the lesson the next day and prayed really hard for when the date should be. When we asked her, the spirit was really strong. She said no. Because she had to talk to her son first, because she felt like he deserved to be part of that decision. That was Saturday.  On Sunday we went to church and sister Harris happened to walk by the bishopric after church while everyone else was eating lunch in the main room and they asked her, "have you heard? Elena just told us she wants to be baptized." So that was pretty cool cuz 3 years of missionaries have been teaching her and if everything goes well, we're the ones who get to see her be baptized.

New Missionaries and their Companions

New Missionaries

Sis Harris and Jill.  She cut her hair, then decided she will grow it out again.

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