Saturday, July 30, 2016

2016-07-27 Life is Good

On the train back from Venice again! My trainer used to say that she
believes the harder areas for mission work are blessed with beautiful
scenery. It's sort of like God is saying, "sorry no one ever wants to
listen to you and nobody wants to be baptized and everyone in your
ward is less-active, but hey, look, there's the leaning tower of

On the other hand, in Pordenone we've found a LOT of people move to
Italy for the military and then go less-active. Most of the time I
imagine it's because they're in gorgeous Italy and who wants to go to
church when you can go biking instead, right? That's basically the
mindset of this whole country. Most Italians just go to church for the
social aspect. The old ladies will go to mass and then meet up with
their old lady friends and go to a museum afterwards. Friendship is
important, and Catholicism is great, I'm just saying that it's hard
for people here to want to depend on God when it doesn't seem like you
need Him at all. Life's good! The grass is green, the mountains are
cool, the food and drink are good, see you later God! So many American
members go inactive after they get transferred here. It gives me a lot
more respect for the Italian members who come because most of them are
converts and don't have familial support to go to church every week.
But I like church! We take the sacrament, we learn, we teach, we feel
the Spirit. It's good. I gave a talk last week that I forgot I had. If
you've ever had to BS a talk and you thought it was hard, try doing it
in a second language....but no one seemed to know that I had prepared
the talk in 30 seconds haha. And a member told us three new
missionaries that we all roll our r's very well! 💥👊🏼 anyways I love
it out here! I'm very blessed to be a missionary!

Lots more dogs than cats in Italy

For Caitlin - Lots of little books

On train back from second trip to Venice

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