Sunday, December 18, 2016

2016-12-14 Miracle Center

Sooo this week has been miracle center (I almost tried to spell that 'senter' because I knew I had to say the 's' sound, but in Italian with a 'c' it is pronounced 'chenter'). Let's see, we had a train episode (I LOVE riding trains because it almost always leads to a positive conversation about the gospel), in which this guy, let's get real, was being really WEIRD and kept turning around in his seat to peak through the crack between his seat and the one next to him so that he could stare at me for long periods of time, trying to read my name tag. So I told my companion that I thought I should go talk to him but I kind of didn't want to because men are creepy here. But I went and talked to him anyways. I'm like, if you're gonna stare at my tag so hard that your eyes bug out your head, I'm justified in telling you, "hey, dad you're staring at my name tag, mind if I sit down here across from you and tell you about our church?" So we sat and talked there for maybe 10 minutes and it was really cool. Unfortunately he hasn't wanted to get in touch with us again but for those 10 minutes and the rest of that day, it was real, and it was cool, and a miracle.
Then I had been trying to talk to a lady earlier on that same train and she was sort of not wanting to talk so I dropped it but then she saw us talking to that one guy so she started staring at us and I was like "she's jealous," so we talked to her after, too, and gave her a resto pamphlet.

We also had another train episode yesterday because there was a girl studying a 'psicologia' book so obviously I talked to her. It was really amazing because she was actually raised in an atheist home but she's been looking for God recently. It was even cooler bc there were 6 of us sisters and I got to teach her with another sister, a Sorella from Sanremo, because she was sitting by me so it was like a little mini-scambio. And another sister talked to so it was just like this big group conversation in which we talked about God, His love for us, the scriptures, prophets, the restoration, the word of wisdom, tons of stuff. We hope to see her again, too! I need to respond to her text today...

Anyways, I spent way too much time writing all of that but there's never enough time to write even a fraction of what happens on the mission....but something even more miraculous happened this last weekend! When I got to tell people about it during a mission conference, Sorella Allen got all teary-eyed (because she thinks we are more awesome than we actually are), but anyways it was with our incredible investigators, Rosy e Vittorio. They are like, 45-50's and are so cool. They were like, hot stuff when they were younger, but now life is getting them down. Rosy has problems with her siblings and she smokes, vittorio gambles and is having a hard time finding work. But God Bless the missionaries who have come before me because they have actually been taught before but then lost contact. Because of this, when we met them, Rosy was basically ready to be baptized. She's been wanting to come to church for but Vittorio her boyfriend hasn't felt up to it because of his mothers death. On Saturday we had a lesson with them and invited them to church. The Spirit was so strong, I knew that not only did they need to come but I knew that they would. Despite the fact that vittorio didn't want to, they are crazy poor so Rosy had to give up her pack of cigarettes to pay for the bus tickets, and tutto, on Sunday they came. All three talks were SO powerful. Guys, I have never been to a sacrament meeting comparable so far in my mission. Our bishop talked, who is a no-crap business guy, and he got choked up during his talk! Rosy was CRYING during sacrament meeting! She held my hand and her husbands hand and I just knew in my heart that they were in the right place. We have been praying so hard for God to be true to His promises and bless them and what do you know, Rosy had the joy of praying with a friend later on Sunday and sharing the gospel, vittorio has been finding some work, and in one day after 20 years, Rosy went from twenty cigarettes a day to two cigarettes. MIRACLES. I know that God helps us in this work and I'm so grateful to my family and Him and members who support me. :)

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