Friday, May 12, 2017

2017-05-10 Anxious without Anxiety

I will level with you all, this week was a slow one in terms of investigators. Where did they all go?? Can I get some consistency in my mission?? Two weeks we are swimming in investigator week we literally can't get in contact with any of them haha. Florence.   

Haha just kidding, we just love the people so much here!! And life is busy sometimes and anyways we just keep on serving and keep on loving anyways. We did get to see a few member families so that was good :) and our investigator came to church! Norca! She's so small and always wears baggy clothing so you can't even tell that she's pregnant. I ask her how the baby is and she says "enormous!" And I'm like, "where?" Haha. 

A member also returned home from his mission on Tuesday...he's really well liked and therefore with his homecoming party and everything, we saw a lot of less-actives come out of the woodworks. This ward is so incredible in the way that the members can honestly do a lot more for certain less-actives than we can because they're all just friends with each other, active members or not. We should all be like that! Jesus Christ called us His friends and He loved us even when we didn't accept his message.

Anyways, at mission council in Milano our president talked about being anxious without anxiety. That is so hard for me and very well may be the lesson of my mission because I just don't know how to do it! It's like they're the same thing for me. I had a big long talk with my companion about it too because she's a lot like me and we both realized that we don't know how to be anxious without anxiety. I sort of live off of anxiety. It's my fuel. It's also my fuel to things like an early death, probably. So, here's hoping that God can help me with this one haha. Heaven knows I need it.

But seriously seeing Norca in church and a couple other less-actives has helped me keep afloat. It's not the first slow week I've ever had and we still kept positive and kept busy! :) I love you all. Sorry for the sort of lame blog post. Have a good week all

After the museum treat

Newly bound scriptures in Italian Leather

A few museum pics

Mission Leadership Council in Milano 
Young, Younce, Smedley, and Arndt

Role Reversal

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