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2017-06-21 Busy Week in Ancona

Ciao a tutti! From Ancona!

Probably few to none of you have heard of Ancona before. This is also evident based on how few American tourists there are here compared to Florence. #blessed. The few who come, come to bum out on the beach. It's a beach town.

I will give you a bullet-point run-down of this week! I'm sure you're all dying to hear what it has been like being the first Sorelle in this city ever!

- got off the train Thursday , Anziani were there to meet us and took us to our apartment which used to be the senior couple missionary's apartment's really nice ;)
- we have no phone!
- did grocery shopping
- went to English class and met some of our potentials and our one investigator who is close to being baptized
- lots of people we talk to do recognize the fact that we are the first women missionaries they've seen here. Pretty much everyone has seen the Anziani over the course of 40 years being here

- Friday, we did weekly planning with the Anziani because we know no one and nothing
- went and passed by a member and got to know her, Violeta
- met with our branch president during missionary correlation! He's got some big ideas! He's from the filippines and is super..........
- hung out with branch president's filippino friends and in their daughter's beauty parlor and some random Italian girls who were there, too. Got home at 10:30pm
but, we gave out two book of Mormons and they all wanted to come to this activity we have planned! And we got several numbers!

Saturday, we worked on filling out a map of the members because there's 100+ inactive members and like, 20 active :(
- tried to meet up with a member, without a phone
- ended up at the wrong bar and waited for her on the beach for :30 until we had to leave
- met with a different member who can't come to church because she works on Sunday. She has a really strong testimony, and also no shame in showing us her kidney stone that she keeps in a little bottle on her armadio
- ate some food in a train station while we kept working on the map and then went home

Sunday!! Got called as relief society president! I have no idea what I'm doing! Also, the lady we tried to see when we didn't have a phone is my counselor! And this other Violeta, who is Mexican. Very interesting and still have no idea what I'm doing. I'm thinking I should meet with them. So...I'll try to do that
- went home to help me relieve some stress because we also were called to be activity coordinators and primary teachers. O! I thought I was a missionary! Haha just kidding. We knew this could happen because it's a really small branch so we will do whatever president asks us to do.
- had a DOPE finding experience! It was a long story getting there but there's a couple American guys here, one of whom is a RM who served in Ancona. Them and the Anziani and us and an Italian member sister went finding at this big monument on the seaside. They played cards with some Italian kids to get in with them and we (meaning my comp and this member) played the violin while I tried to contact people. Talked to a couple of really cool younger people! Both men! It's so much easier for Anziani to find girls who are interested and vice versa. I wonder why! Anyways it was so cool for our member. She was like, "I've never seen an evening like this with the missionaries. I need to stop having miracles!" Because she was feeling the Spirit so strong haha. After, she took us in her car up to a cathedral on a hill and we watched the sun set over the ocean

~~fun fact! Ancona is one of the only cities in the world where the sun rises and sets on the ocean~~

Monday, we planned a little in the morning and finished up our map. Then, after lunch, we had an appointment with an investigator. We're probably going to drop her next time. Sometimes it's just really, really obvious when someone's not ready to accept the gospel. 
- did a bunch of pass-by's and tons of walking! Not much came from that other than a cute little Peruvian lady saw us, told us her brother is Mormon, and asked us if we could come over and teach her. Ummm no (jk, YES)

Tuesday we mostly spent in Rimini because we had a beginning-of-the-transfer meeting so I got to meet the whole zone. I've always thought the Rimini zone must be tight because it's so small and I was right! I got to meet the entire zone in one day and it did feel like we were all homies. Really good trainings, one of which on positivity which I think will be one of my last goals for the mission is to practice positivity and not wearing my emotions on my sleeve.
- after that meeting when we got home, we successfully obtained a Bible to give to a catholic man who has never read the Bible (most here haven't) and went to English class. There, we met with one of our investigators Carla who is close to baptism. We will see her next Thursday
- And we finally have a phone! We can start moving down our list of all the people we need to call and maybe actually be able to see them! How exciting is that!

Anyways, today we are going to San Marino which you can google. I'm loving this city and my companion and this transfer. Here's hoping the miracles keep coming. Have a good week, all.

🇮🇹 Transfer 12 with Sorella Hurst 🇮🇹

(no pictures sent this week)

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