Saturday, June 4, 2016

2016-06-01 Slle Harris Going Home

This week was insane. Leslie cancelled her baptism. Dang, girl. We
can't say anything because it's not our decision. We just want her to
be happy. Even Slle Harris is chill, after getting a chance at this
miracle and then having it not go through. We just want her to be
happy. She said she received her answer and how she had. But she said
now she's worked out a deal with her parents. But then she didn't come
to church last Sunday ☹️☹️☹️ Idk. Idk. She's really spiritual, she'll
get baptized eventually. But this paragraph does nothing to express
the emotional roller coaster we've been on this week.

Anyways, it was also Slle Harris's last week. Holy cow the MTC seemed
to last forever. Then it was over and it seemed like being a greenie
would last forever! Now I'm going into my third (mission) transfer. An
anziano in our zone is getting a greenie tomorrow and I was like "wow
yea it will be so cool to get a little greenie!" That's when I
realized that time is definitely moving and that, like my trainer who
I love, one day my mission will end. So "don't count the days, make
the days count" and all that jazz. My new comp is Slle Lau, we'll pick
her up from the train tonight. She's from Arizona I think, also pretty
young in the mission actually she'll only be in her 5th transfer so
we'll both be a couple of newbs running around, trying to take care of
all these children of God in like, the third largest city in Italy,
with me being the only one of two of us who really know the city
hahahahaha it will be easy

Well we went shopping in centro for her last real p-day, talked to
tons of people it was cool. People have a lot of respect for what we
do without actually wanting to see why we do it haha. Va beh, it's
good to talk to people anyways.

Mostly this week we met with our members because Slle Harris is
leaving, and with our investigators. So basically, a normal week with
a few more members than usual. I also had my first full pizza in
Italy, right after Leslie texted us to cancel her baptism (two days
after she said she was going to do it). We didn't eat quite as much
gelato as we had planned but after you've had one grown-in-Italy,
Torino-only, gourmet nocciola (hazelnut) gelato flavor, you've had
them all. That doesn't mean they stop being good though...

So miracles we've seen this week! Okay so we've been teaching this
couple from Nigeria. Sometimes language and sometimes culture has been
a big barrier for us in the past. They were really offended by a
conversation they had over phone several months back (that were sure
was a miscommunication because it didn't make any sense what they
said) but the wife, joy, who is pregnant, has an amazing testimony.
After several months of refusing to come to church because she feels
unclean (her and Edward aren't married - but are having a kid) she
finally asked US on Sunday if she could come to church. YES JOY YES
so excited for her! This is such a big deal! I hope I stay long enough
for their baby to be born and for their big African wedding. They're
hilarious, I'll have to write down some of the things they say

We also had a surprise member-present lesson with a really volatile
lady also from Nigeria but she was actually very calm through the
whole lesson while we taught the plan of salvation to her and her
friend, who liked it very much. As we were planning to see her again,
two other Nigerian women came out from the cathedral we were in front
of. One of them saw me and my name tag and asked "how can I join your
ministry" as in, she wanted to be a missionary too haha. I love people
from Africa. So we have three new potential investigators.

I just got my new comp, Slle Lau. She seems pretty laid-back and cool,
I'm excited to work with her. We've got a whole huge city in our hands
so we'll see what we can do with it.

A park where members took them for an afternoon.
Note the light poles and the pet between them :)

Freakin' Delicious!  According to Jill.

Neat bridge they found on way to bus station.

Transfers again.  I (mom) am not sure if this represents the transfers left in a mission, or how many people they have dated in the past :)

Members who were returning to Peru gave the Sorellas gifts.

Check out the beautiful paintings on the outside of the building.

They gave a presentation at a high school, flanked by Italian members.

On the steps of the Italian high school.

Go deep!  Cartoon sent by Jill.

Cat!  Jill claims almost no one has cats in Italy.

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