Friday, June 24, 2016

2016-06-22 Catch Up on All Investigators

Sorry I haven't written much the last two weeks! It's been absolutely
insane I will never fully be able to catch you guys up! But I love my
new companion, we're getting so much done. I'm creating friendships
and relationships deeper than I expected and with more people than I
expected. There's my companion but also tons of people from the ward
I've gotten to know as normal people, like I can tell when they're
stressed or I check up on their life situation. I know who will help
us out always and who's harder to get ahold of. I know some of
people's most sacred, personal stories. Especially meeting immigrants,
their stories will change your life. You wouldn't believe how normal
stuff is that in America we think only happens to heroes that we hear
about on the news. No, people surviving insurmountable obstacles
happens all the time and the people I've met ancora they have faith in
Jesus Christ because He's helped them before and He will help them
Joy and Edward - a couple from Nigeria - just found out the baby their
expecting is a boy! Joy is super excited because she said now when her
son grows up to be a man and goes off to find a wife, the wife will
pretty much leave her family and only visit her husbands family unless
it happens to be convenient sometime to see her family too. This whole
conversation made me very happy to live in a much more egalitarian
society (America). Even if it's not perfect, at least there's no
cultural expectations to abandon my family when I get married.
Anyways, they're happy. They're gonna name him Desmond because it
means "great friend of God."
We have had so many people in the last couple days at activities
either point out non-members (for whom we set up appointments) or
straight-up ask if we can come teach ____________ person that they
know (for whom we will shortly be setting up appointments). I gotta
say though, there's not a lot more disappointing than having a crazy
full week and then in the end only having 7 lessons because everyone
cancels on you. But we can't control what other people do so well just
keep teaching the people who will make time for us.
There's a less-active we've been meaning to meet with for several
weeks that we finally made it over to her house yesterday. It was good
and it was bad haha. It was good because we had a lesson with her and
created a new friendship with somebody. It was bad because we stayed
there forever....technically one hour was our lunch and another hour
was lingua but we were still like 😬😬 by the time we finally got out
haha. She's super cool though and has an awesome life story. When she
moved to Italy she came to church and people didn't know her super
well. Apparently one of the few conversations she had with someone (a
leader, bishop maybe idk) was him telling her that she needs to pay
tithing because God has need of her money and it offended her so bad
she never went back. Well, whoever that guy is, he wasn't very
sensitive. But it's a shame she won't come back over something small
like that, too.
President Dibb is leaving in a few short days! Soon we will have a new
president! We'll see what he's like. I love you all! A dopo!

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