Sunday, August 21, 2016

2016-08-17 Ambushed!

Wednesday a seagull ambushed me and clawed my arm and stole my last lunch cracker

Thursday we went to the most beautiful paesino (small village) in Italy, poffabro

Friday we rode a marathon up a hill and then when we got home we found out we were going there again the next day. We also talked to an old Italian lady who showed us tons of pictures of her grandchildren, told us how pretty we are, and discussed about a woman who used to be in our ward but has since converted to Jehovah's Witness

Saturday got a flat tire

Sunday Hoki's and yesse and Andrew!!

Monday District meeting and another bike ride to Dardago

Tuesday made and destroyed a fruit pie but it still tasted good, tried to see people but no one was at home

Wednesday p day said goodbye to anziano Gorton and bought American food it was weird and had a fantastic dinner with yesse and Andrew, they actually asked us to teach them. They gave us gifts because they're literally angels sent from heaven.

(Martha's note:  I have no idea who Hoki, Yesse, or Andrew are.  This was a very quick note that Jill sent.)

Where Jill lives in Pordenone 
Last district meeting before transfers

Family life skills?  I have no idea what they teach missionaries anymore.

Transfer chairs

American Mix Skittles!

This is either Dardago or Poffabro

Gardening - with Airliners

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