Saturday, September 10, 2016

2016-09-07 All Is Well

(Note: Jill did not really send anything last week to post, other than a few pictures that are down below.  This week is just a short note.)

Alls well in Pordenone! We had some power lessons last week with less
actives and I heard a convert missionary's testimony today so it has
been a testimony filled week! This blog post is so short and lame this
week! I'm sorry, maybe one day I'll write a blog post worth reading!

Jill and companion Sorella Barlow from England

Jill, Barlow, Green and Young

Young, Jill, Green.  Jill always has fun when there are a couple of crazy guys to hang with.

Went to a spa where fish eat your feet.

Jill at the spa

Not sure what this elder is doing holding a female leg...

Jill sent pic of this door earlier.  She had to explain that it was small.  Here she is by it to show how small.

Young, Barlow, Green


Jill and Barlow with daughter of investigator.

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