Sunday, November 20, 2016

2016-11-16 Being Tested

I am being tested! It's good when you recognize it though! I hope that this period in my mission will teach me something that will help me bless others. I need to learn calmness and organization and other skills like that. I'm also trying to develop my teaching skills by using more parables. Right now no one is close to baptism but Christmas is a magical time so maybe something good will happen if we keep trying to do our best :)

Genova.  Beautiful city.  Ignore cars, Jill says.

Jill in Genova

Genova Missionaries

Santa Margherita, Coastal City by Genova

Eating Lunch in Portofino

We sent an early Christmas package to Jill.  This is all the Sorellas opening the package.

A tacky Christmas sweater.  A necessity for Americans.

A stuff animal goat (Capra).  Jill loves stuffed animals, and watching cute goat videos.

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