Wednesday, February 1, 2017

2017-01-25 Birthday Week

Hello! It is my birthday week! I had an awesome birthday and also an
awesome week!

So all of our investigators are kind of in a rut right now. I'm pretty
sure at this point that the only real cure is to find new ones haha.
But we have been being blessed I think because we randomly ran into a
Brazilian less-active girl who was only active for six months after
she got baptized (because her missionaries just went over to her house
and ate and played around and never read anything from "il libro"
grrr...) and so we met with her and good thing we have a cool group of
YSA that we think will be able to be her friends.

We also had two investigators in church! Norca and Leyder (these are
not Italian names btw they are actually both South American and are
great great people). Well, we don't know if leyder is more interested
in the gospel or Sorella Garcia but in any case, he said a really
sweet prayer in spanish at the end of our lesson before church that I
kind of understood. He asked for help to keep coming back to this
church and thanked Heavenly Father for the missionaries so that was
pretty positive :)

We also were able to do some service for the American family in our
ward who need us so much and we love them so much. The mom broke her
back recently in a bus accident so we went over and cleaned and cooked
and helped with homework and bought groceries...and we also have been
meeting with more members, one of whom is a phillipina girl who lived
in Utah for a while and is now studying art in here in florence. She
showed us some of her art. Guys, you'd never guess just looking at
this cute sister that she's actually a phenomenal artist. Like, she's
'good enough to study at the university in florence, italy,' good. But
our lesson was amazing because you also would never know the struggles
she'd been though or what her trials are now by just looking at her.
She's just a cute, shortish, phillipina girl around 25-30 years old
who mostly speaks English but some Italian and shows up to church
every week and just comes by herself and goes by herself. You wouldn't
think there's some incredible story behind her life but without fail,
every time I enter someone's house, I find a story. A big story. And I
always find that the Savior has the power to help them and I feel the
love that God has for that one person who is just one of millions.
It's so powerful.

Anyways I just want you all to know too that God loves you and knows
your story! He cares about you and He prepared a way back to Him. I
love you all and hope you have a good week! Ciao a dopo

Happy 21st!

Birthday Dinner


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