Wednesday, February 1, 2017

2017-02-01 Something New

This week was good. I did something I've never done before and gave
somebody a baptismal date on the first lesson. His name is candy (as
far as African names go, this one is by far the weirdest I've ever
encountered) and he is so great. Generally speaking, people from
Africa are super open. Missionaries love teaching Africans. After the
lesson we walked him to the bus stop and asked him if he could tell
where other Africans were from just by looking at them and as we
walked down the street he was like, "Nigeria, Gambia, Ghana," it was
so funny. If you ever get the chance to ask an African his opinion on
other Africans, do it. They are very opinionated and you will feel
very enlightened about Africa. Anyways, he will hopefully be baptized
on the 4th of March :) :)
As for our other investigator making progress, we gave her a baptismal
date of February 25 but she has a messy life right now (pregnant, not
married, living with her ex because he doesn't have a place to go so
he asked her if he could stay after he got her pregnant and then they
broke up) anyways, she is scared because every time the sisters have
given her a bap date, something bad has happened. She doesn't believe
that her ex will be able to move out in time for this date and doesn't
want something bad to happen again. Sorella Garcia and I know that God
will make this happen if she wants it but if she doesn't have faith
then it won't happen. I have 100% faith in God but it's us, the
people, that I sometimes lack faith in. Even in myself. Without
desire, answers won't come. Often we are afraid of the answer we will
receive so we will ask because we are supposed to but He won't answer.
You need to have the desire, the humility, and the faith to follow Him
when we pray. So, we'll see.

We also had two inactives come to church who are girls of 20 and 21
years! So cool. We were so happy. Today for pday we are going to see
the Davide. The story is that he was made when Florence was small but
strong. So the story of David and the giant makes perfect sense. He is
a symbol that God will give strength to those who are small so that we
can overcome big things. I am seeking to understand this truth more
every day. I love you all and have a good week!

Birthday Boots

Birthday Shoes


Basilica di San Lorenzo

Guess Jill's obsession

Can you guess?

Yes! Shoes!

Galleria dell'Accademia (If I were cultured, I would know what these were)

Galleria dell'Accademia, not Michelangelo, but don't know who.

Michelangelo "David", and Jill

Guliano Bugiardini - Madonna and Child with Saint John the Baptist 
Again, not enough culture to identify this

Michelangelo "The Atlas"

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