Sunday, April 16, 2017

2017-04-12 Slow Week, But Not Really

It sort of felt like a slow week, but in retrospect, a fair amount got
done! We had a lesson with an investigator one day, another
investigator the next, a third investigator the next, a member that
same day, and then a zone conference the day after! On the which, we
got slammed with a bunch of questions about prophets (ok, awesome),
got put down by three middle-aged catholic women about the divinity of
the Catholic Church (ahhh...) followed by one of their atheist
husbands (aAaAHh!), spent 40 minutes watching a bunch of Italian
ragazzi play soccer while we waited for our new investigator, who we
later found sitting on a bench waiting for US (could have gone better,
but not complaining), got an awesome referral!, and did a role-play
training for zone conference! So yeah, love the mission! Tonight we
are doing missionary work with all of the YW/YM in the ward....hope it
goes well! Have a good week everyone!

Easter Eggs

Easter Shopping

Lots of Easter Candy at the stores

The Arno

Another Trip around Pisa

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