Sunday, April 30, 2017

2017-04-19 Easter Goodness

Hello everybody! How's it going? Everything is just peachy here in Italia. We are on a train right now headed to Cinque Terre. If you've never heard of it before, feel free to search that one on google images. Dream pday. But, even the normal missionary days here feel like dreams, too. Nightmares? Nah, haha, I'm just kidding. Good dreams.

This week was Easter! Before Sunday, we had multiple appointments with members. Dream! Really good lessons, too. We were not able to seen any of our investigators?? Not for lack of trying, though...they just weren't responding to their phones...kind of a nightmare...I was taking it really personally because it felt like it was my fault, even if I had done everything in my power to see these people. But then, God knew that we were feeling down, so he threw us a bone! A couple bones, actually 🍖🍗.  

First of all, we had Easter with a family in our ward. I absolutely love this family. They're the sort of people that you can joke with and have fun with even though there's a little language barrier. They made us amazing food that we ate so much of, and we talked about everything from where we're from to their old mission stories to the Simpsons. There are three companionships of missionaries here, and we were there with one other companionship. At the end of the dinner, they gave each companionship a big chocolate Easter egg as if we were their children. We opened them up, shared the chocolate, laughed and talked some more, and shared the Easter message with them about the Prince of Peace. It was really nice to feel like I was at home with family, even if I wasn't actually home and they aren't really my family. 

So aside from that fun little excursion from mission life norms, we had two WAYY cool experiences this week! Aside from English class, a ward activity, and less-active pass-by's, we had two appointments with two new (for us) investigators! So we were passing by a less-active named Tessy during Pasquetta because one day of Easter is not enough days for Italians. So, it was Monday and she wasn't at home. So we had some time before we had our next thing so we decided to look at our handy map and see if there was anyone else we could pass by before heading to the church. So we found a house close by and decided to go ring their intercom. We did so, and a couple kids run out to the balcony a couple floors up. A man came to the railing and starts yelling down to us, asking us who we are. So, we yell back that we are missionaries. And he yells back, who? And we yell back, the missionaries. And we yell, we are looking for Cabezas, is he here? And he doesn't understand. And so we yell, can we come up? And he buzzes us up and I can't believe that for the third time in my mission, someone is going to let us into their house. 

So when we get up there, it's the wife who greets us, not the husband. We got to sit and chat wit her for a while, all the while her little 2-year-old, Cristian, is running from his room to the kitchen with all his toys, some of which he loudly plays while we are talking and others he just lays on our laps. So cute. So it turns out that this woman's uncle and his family are an active family in the ward that I obviously know bc I've been here for months. We get to talking and, despite the fact that she doesn't even frequent her own church, she agrees to come to our church this Sunday! 😱😵 and we're going to meet with her again on Friday!! I mean, who just lets you into their house and then agrees to come to your church all in one fell swell?? Did I spell that figure of speech right?? Anyways, there was more to the conversation than I'm explaining obviously. She said her husband wasn't interested but we talked about the Prince of Peace and learning these principles of peace for her son's sake as well. It was so guided by the Spirit, even if we were clueless at first. A cool thing was that we asked her what she saw in her cousins that she didn't see in other boys and she said that they are really calm, have this peace, and are good, moral kids! If it wasn't for them and their example, the whole conversation would have been different. So remember that the example you set and the morals you live by do influence others. And if you choose right, it can influence them for the better. Like Jesus! So cool.

The other thing was an appointment with an investigator named Carolina who we had an appointment with once this transfer but then she bidone'd us. This time she came!! We went out in the pouring rain but dang it, we were determined! We went to a caffe and talked about faith. It was a really cool experience, she is really awesome, we are seeing her on Friday and baptizing her on Sunday. Just kidding haha, but seriously I'm so grateful for God for sending us these amazing people to work with! All-in-all it was a good week and I'm glad I'm a missionary. Have a good week, I love you all. Buena settimana

Easter Goodies

Easter Dinner

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