Tuesday, July 4, 2017

2017-07-04 Brutal Findings

This week has been incredible!! I'm not just saying that because I'm the rainbows and sunshine Sister missionary because even that's not true! I have to sing tomorrow at zone conference so that's definitely not the case!! 

Haha just kidding I'm happy to be able to sing. But I was also serious about all the miracles! In fact, the zone leaders have noticed and the stake president asked our mission president to please keep us four here "forever." If only! I don't have tons of time to write but let me just share a "just hang in there" experience. How many times have I had these experiences?? 

So, we went out with the Anziani and did two hours of brutal finding. Like, two hours and we talked to probably 5 people...one man even cursed us! I've never had such horrible success doing finding. But, anyways. So on the bus ride home I was chatting with the Anziani, telling them that I've always had more success meeting people on the bus than out actively talking to people on the street. Lo and behold, the next lady who I sat down by gave us her number and would like to meet with us, another man from Romania, and then a sad drunk Italian man who has lost his family, has tried rehab in the past to get clean and it didn't take, wants to try again to get ahold of his life and accepted to hear our message. Sooo cool! It always happens like that! 

All that on top of FOUR investigators coming to church (guys, NEVER happens!! Never! We almost had more investigators in the congregation than we had members haha), and other things. Miracles! Miracles miracles.

🇮🇹 Transfer 12 with Sorella Hurst 🇮🇹

Sunflower fields


Jill and Sorella Hurst

San Marino 

Porto Novo



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