Sunday, July 23, 2017

2017-07-19 Post Mission Predictions

This last week was really cool! We had two lessons with Jelena, who is on date to be baptized on August 19. I told President that I just want to leave Ancona in a good position (the work has a tendency of crashing right before I get transferred out of cities, not for lack of trying to prevent that!!). I know that it is quality over quantity so I knew I probably wouldn't see a baptism during my time here. In that case, I just wanted to leave with someone who would get baptized. Jelena is the one! 

We are also still working with Carla, who progresses, but on HER time haha. Her sister is sick with cancer and has been healing a lot recently. Carla accredits it to the blessing the elders gave her sister. A certain member has also been fasting every. Single. Week until her sister gets healed. Faith is working miracles and lots of people Carla knows have been noticing. Now Carla has had the chance to bear her testimony about the church to them and she's been super happy about that! The big question of the decade is, though: are five years enough to prepare a Carla for baptism, or should we raise our sights to 2018?? Stay tuned.

We also met with Matteo and Tiziana and had a really cool lesson with them. Less-active member heartbreak, finding new potentials, doing service with members, a visit from Presidente Allen to the branch, and district transfer predictions! They all guessed each others' next city and companion but they all turned against me and predicted my dating and marriage future. So even though I'm the only one going home, I did the same to them. Actually for them I think they really liked it but it was too weird for me because I was like, "holy shiz, that actually is the next step." Anyways, apparently I'm going to have one or two serious relationships to get to the right one about two years from now who will be a partially-ethnic man. Don't ask me where that all came from.


Apartment has TV.  Now she can catch up on NASCAR!

Weird Italian Parade

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