Saturday, October 1, 2016

2016-09-28 Mary's Baptism

Mary has been baptized! It was a beautiful ceremony! Me and my companion talked, all us four missionaries sang, our president was there, and we got her husband to come to church!! It was a beautiful baptism.

(Martha's note:  Jill did not write much this week, but sent pictures.  She is being transferred next week!)

Jill's favorite American family
Mary's Baptism 
Mary's Baptism with Anziani that baptized, Jill, and Sorella Barlow
Sorella Barlow, Mary, Jill
They all went shopping and "dressed" each other.
Anziani Green and Sorella Barlow
Jill and Anziani Young
Wow, these American (and British) youth are sooo cool.
Lake Barcis area
Lake Barcis
Lake Barcis
Lake Barcis

Playing on swings
And falling down

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