Sunday, October 30, 2016

2016-10-26 Lots of Stairs

Jill did not send much of a blog, but because of the earthquakes in Italy she was able to send a couple of short emails.  So I am posting parts of those, and some pictures this time.  Earthquakes did not affect her area.

I RAN OUT OF TIME! You can say we're teaching two great investigators and a few part-member families. We have lots of good stuff lined up, it just needs to get rolling. Halloween is way cooler in the states. Genova is still gorgeous even if it rains a lot. Hoping to see a baptism with my greenie, maybe Sorella Surace. We have faith! And a great ward!

The mission let us email home because there was an earthquake or something. I'm fine and I haven't received any panicked emails from you guys.

See where the CARS are at down there? Yes, that's how many stairs we walked all at once. This is "what makes Genova special" summed up in one picture. My legs are smashed.

Hah!! We get to send you guys an email AGAIN!! I had to buy hydrogen peroxide for my companion whose head I let a feral cat scratch. I'm not a great "mother." Anyways, I didn't get killed in an earthquake. Happy Sunday:)

Sorellas of Genova

Sorellas di Genova & di Savona

Posing with hergreenie

Ocean in the background

Rocean (family joke)


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